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The Best Way to Learn is to be Selfish

A few weeks ago I did my first podcast with the crew at Modern Woodworkers Association. Couldn’t tell you a word I said. Utter terror does that to ya I guess. Hopefully there won’t be a petition after the episode airs in a few asking for their podcasting permit back. As usual the episode ended with a separate “Five Questions” segment. I do remember one question. Paraphrased, “Who’s been your biggest woodworking influence?” I think my answer perplexed. So I'd like to explain.

You see, my biggest influence in this craft have been students.

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Pegging Dovetails

Peg a joint and you add a mechanical lock. It’s why so much was pegged in situations where the antique glues would fail. Pretty much all joints can be pegged and there are numerous methods and materials used in pegged joinery. Nails and screws can be thought of as modern variation of a wooden peg. Knowing a variety of methods to peg common joints is a great tool to have in your arsenal. But it’s especially useful for educators.

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