wortheffort is closing in San Marcos

Wortheffort is closing. After a year of effort it's become painfully obvious that ther just isn't enough population to support a school like this in a small Texas town such as San Marcos. So we are looking at relocating. To fund the move we are attempting an IndieGoGo campaign. A type of fundraiser that trades 'perks' for contributions. Lucky for you our perks are worth more than the monetary value of your contribution. Items such as tools, art and appliances.

The goal is to relocate the school to Austin TX which has a parger home/after school population and a large amount of interested woodworkers. Most of our current students are driving from Austin so it should be a natural fit.

The hope is we'll also be able to diversify curriculm to include: wood turning, carving, pyrography, scrolling, etc...

So if you believe in the concept, support the idea of teaching the next generation, I hope you consider supporting the school and spreading the word.