Woodturning Demystified - a turning overview

My Dad and I have been making a lot of wooden mallets these past weeks for an upcoming school fundraiser. In live demo's I usually take this opportunity to explain what I'm doing and encourage the audience to give it a try. Usually I can turn and talk in 20-25 minutes from a square block to a bees wax finished product. (I've got tops down to about 5 minutes including coloring). Well, I thought I'd try recording a real time demonstration of making a mallet and explaining what is happening. Unfortunately I had more props around so you'll have to endure my biology, physics, math and social commentary analogies in this one. I will say this, it is extremely hard to pace a demonstration without an audience to feed off of. Six years of teaching has created a crutch in reading audience faces to determine wether to speed up or slow down. So I apologize in advance for the video's length.

For me this was an experiment ala Roy Underhill, one take... camera's rolling... three camera's... screw ups included. Tell me what you think.