The first weekend of the year.

In an attempt to keep y'all updated on weekly market news I'll quickly describe the markets worked so far. The first weekend of the year I attend a market I've been very consistent with so people expect me. The Barton Creek Farmers market. I did something this time I've never done. Had a sale. Specifically an inventory reduction sale. Over the past 4 years there have been some items that just haven't moved or that I wasn't to proud of. Some items that have become devalued due to damage at events, storage, transportation and such. So since I want 2016 to be the year we go a bit upmarket with higher value items I decided to put ridiculously low prices on items I wanted gone. Thus the first ever for wortheffort inventory reduction blowout sale.

It was a success in that it got rid of items that hadn't moved, eliminated most all my 'lower market' merchandise. And got a little cash in hand.

We sold a little over our target goal of $500 per set up selling only clearance items. But January, especially the first weekend after the holidays, is as a rule horrific for sales so this was pretty good. Plus the weather was COLD!

The next day I worked Hope Farmers Market in East Austin and sold the last of my clearance items. But we barely covered the booth fee and such so this ended our weekend with about a $400 loss on our goals.

This is to be expected in January as discretionary money is likely gone after the holidays.

Next weekend I'm working a very small Farmers Market in Bastrop TX with exceptionally low inventory and am attempting to try a new market in West Austin around the Bee Caves area.

More news to come.