Making a Grooving Plane

Making planes is fun and rewarding because you get to make exactly what you use and it'll likely far outlast your lifetime. There are many different ways of making planes. In this video I make a grooving plane using both power and hand tools in a combination of laminate and carving methods. This really is something you can make with a very limited set of tools as most of the 'specialty' tools I use are just steel versions of sandpaper on a stick. Make one tool an evening and in no time at all you could have a very nice collection! This is a silent build video to complement our 'Making Grooves' video for those of you who learn by observing. I tried to show lots of different techniques so that woodworkers could pick up new stuff on subsequent views.

As a school fundraiser this very plane will be auctioned off on eBay starting March 6th at 7pm and going for 10 days. Below is the link to the auction.

Versions of this plane are available on our website to help subsidize the school.