Experiment in both Distressed Milk Paint and Video Design

My last video clocked in at 40 minutes (first draft was approaching 2 hours!) and took almost three weeks to edit. So I thought I'd experiment with a simpler format so I could get quick little updates out. I'd really like to develop a unique 'style' for quick updates so any critique of the video editing or format would be appreciated. Trying for simple and fast. Yesterday I shot video and took pictures of a little experiment I did using just my iPhone. This was a lot easier to edit than the 3 flip camera setup I have been using. It also only took about 4 hours to piece together, and hour to render and about an hour to upload. Much shorter than my last video but I still need to become more efficient.

The mini-episode was of a little candle lamp I made on the lathe. I've never really worked much with milk paint and have a morality issue with 'distressing'. For the expirement I put my ethics aside and made a mess. I really was impressed with the milk paint itself. Dries quick and was easy to work. Though I'm quit sure my first attempt was a little thick. I was even able to continue turning as the paint dried after waiting for it to get tacky!

I liked how it turned out, though not sure about the distressed look. So I'll probrably make a dozen more to market at Art Faires and Farmers Markets. If you're interested in one check out my online store in about a week. Which is another project that never seems to end.

So, please enjoy...