-- screw the skew

Learning wood working, especially turning, takes practice. But how to make practice fun. Instead of just making a pile of shavings I like to design small inexpensive projects that are quick and slightly repetitive to teach myself new techniques. In this exercise I'm using only one tool, and all the techniques I know to use it, to make tool handles (specifically for screwdrivers).

Episode notes:

Things I will work on in my next video to make them better for you:

  • I know I have an extremely slow west Texas dialect and accent that seems to come across slurred. So I'll work on my speaking voice a little more. And... you'll have to trust me, I don't drink!
  • I'll preplan and organize the video better to limit these to either 10 or 20 minutes.
  • I will never use the zoom on these FLIP camera's again. Didn't realize how bad their digital zoom algorithms were before hand.

Please leave a comment of anywhere else I should focus. Remember, it won't change unless I know to focus on it.

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